Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Roots of Western Multiculturalism

Being in a state of denial is the lot of most men, and blaming others for one's own shortcoming is another common vice to be encountered amongst the featherless bipeds. Strip away the veneer of civility, and what you will find is an odious freak of nature. There are those who say that man's being beholden to a magical worldview is a thing of the past; this is not at all the case. The modern man is no different from the most uncouth savage. The savage would view all phenomena as the works of intelligent agencies; if living humans did not bring something about, it had to be the work of beings from the spirit world. If something contrary to man's intentions or desires came about, he would hold the demons of the netherworld responsible for his misfortune. Did you ever wonder why the devil is portrayed as the genius par excellence? Man is so in denial of his own stupidity that he has the audacity to think that it requires nothing less than an ingenuity of truly cosmic proportions to outwit him.

Multiculturalism is an important social fact to be reckoned with in all Western countries. According to Vladimir Putin, who is a very wise man, there are two different varieties of multiculturalism to be encountered in our world. The first kind is the organic multiculturalism of Russia, whereas the other is a Western variety of multiculturalism - which is a product of Western colonialism. The former kind of multiculturalism has developed naturally during the course of many centuries, whereas the latter kind of multiculturalism has been forced upon the world by the West.

The black man did not arrive in America of his own accord; he was dragged to these distant shores. Likewise, millions of Chinese and Indian kulis were uprooted from their own lands to meet the Western demands of cheap labour. Furthermore, the Western nations enlisted millions of brown and black soldiers to settle imperial disputes with one another; when the French occupied Ruhr, they deliberately took recourse to black soldiers in order put the following point across to the Germans: "you are lower than the lowest."

As regards the question of immigration, the following must be remembered:

Traditionally it is the rightist parties of the West that have tacitly welcomed immigrants, because it provides them with ample supply of cheap labour, whereas the true bastions of the Left, the labour unions, have opposed immigration on the grounds that it adds to the plight of the workers in terms of lowering their wages. Just as there is migration within the states from the countryside to the cities in tune with the altering of the economic relations, so there is emigration from one state to another. If people do not like seeing Afghans, Pakistanis, and Arabs in their countries, then I suggest that they try to eradicate this problem by going to the root of the issue: stop bombing them, allow these nations to diversify their economies, do not meddle in their internal affairs, do not steal their natural resources, and do not drain them of their best minds.

What is known as multiculturalism in the modern Western societies is no more than a feeble attempt at limiting the damage done long years ago. In the wake of the colonial liberation two impending dangers occupied the Western mind:

(i) Would there be a racial backlash against the Western world?


(ii) Would the former colonies follow in the footsteps of Russia and embrace communism?

The spread of communism had to be stopped at all costs, even if it meant abandoning the long-cherished ideals of racial segregation. In other words, multiculturalism was forced upon the West:

"[T]he Soviet Union had an enviable record on race relations. [...] The Soviet Union had no difficulty in presenting racism as a distinctly Western problem." (F.F.)

But the modern Western man is quite unwilling to assume the responsibility for his own follies; rather he will assign the blame to an imaginary foe called Cultural Marxism, much in the same way as the primitive man would attribute all his woes to the Devil. To the Western man I have the following to say: multiculturalism is of your own making. How did this come to pass? Blame your own stupidity and that of your forefathers. The devil does not exist. And having your women impregnated by the black man is but a small price to pay for your not so New World Order.